What is Rehabilitate 

The Rehabilitate App is a Personal Injury Advice database of articles and demonstration videos to make sure you come back stronger from your injury!

Easy to use - The app is super smooth and easy to navigate, you can find what you're looking for very easily using search filters. We have worked on making the app look nice to the eye so using the app can be a nice experience.


We have tried to make finding what you are looking for as easy as possible as well. We have done this by categorising the many articles and demonstration videos by body part. 

References - All of our injury rehab advice is backed up by references to the original website/article. Ensure that you are getting professional advice! We don't want you to think that this is just our thoughts. A lot of our videos include original exercise techniques and advice that you may not find elsewhere but everything we advise has been tested and proven to work before via our experiences. Otherwise you will see website/articles links at the bottom of the pages to see where we found certain exercises. 


We also understand that students are often looking for references to exercises for their college/university work, so we hope that our references can be helpful to you guys also!

Video demonstrations - All of our rehab articles have video step by step guides so you can make sure you are performing each exercise correctly. This was the most important aspect for us! You can go on the internet and find lots of written advice for rehabbing injuries, unfortunately these articles give no demonstration, therefore people who are not experienced in these exercises end up using the wrong technique and actually making the in injury worse!


We have spent, and will continue to spend a lot of time creating these videos to make sure that you are confident in performing the correct rehabilitation for your injury!

For Students - Students of school, college and university courses can use this app as a learning guide. Great for cramming in all the information you need before the big exam!


We know all too well about the troubles of cramming information for your university course. So much information that needs to be learnt in such a short time! Therefore we would like to think the Rehabilitate app is a useful and easy to use tool for learning how to deal with certain injuries, preparing you for when you get out there and are treating patients of your own!

For Everyone - This app has a use for everyone, whether you have an injury and are looking for rehab without the massive costs or wanting to learn more about exercise and injury rehab in one place, Rehabilitate is the app for you. 


There is no minimum or maximum knowledge requirement for using this app! We have made the videos and articles so that EVERYONE can understand and learn. 

For Professionals - The app can be used as a quick guide for clinicians, new and old. Keep up to date with the latest rehab techniques. 

As professionals we are expected to know everything off by heart and be ready to have all the answers ready. Rehabilitate will help with providing those answers quickly and conveniently so that you can always be at the top of your game in regards to treating your patients!

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